How To Make Your Healers Love You, Auctioneers Hate You, Your Pockets Become Lined With Gold, And LFD Actually Work – The Addon Version

My woes, worries and wibbling about World of Warcraft aside, one of the things I’ve really been enjoying recently is trying out new addons. I know, I’m weird. By ‘new’ I don’t necessarily mean addons that are hot off the press and fresh from the keyboard the developer’s been slaving over – I just mean new to me. And I want to share some of the gems I’ve found with you because now that I can’t (simply can’t, I tell you!) play WoW without them, I want to pass on the same joy. Or same agony of having to think “no, I need that one, that one, that one…” next time you’re trying to cull your addon folder.

My Sales

This is the addon that inspired this post. MySales does exactly what it says on the label: it tracks my sales. Or your sales, if you use it. It’s quite simple; typing /ms window into WoW chat will bring up a window with 3 tabs. The tabs, in order, show your sales, your buyers, and how often each item has been bought. Useful for anyone with any profession who likes toying with AH and wants to know what sells for the highest prices, most often, and so on. Go. Download. Nao.

Broker- LFD

I’ve found this addon so useful I can no longer remember what the standard Blizzard Looking for Dungeon UI looks like. It adds a little icon to your FuBar/Titan Panel/Chocolate Bar which does all the LFD features. Mouse over it to see your queue times. Left click to bring the dungeon finder panel up. Right click it to leave the dungeon queue or teleport out of dungeon (this. This is why I got it in the first place. No more buggy Blizzard teleport-out-of-dungeon button disappearing!) _I mentioned FuBar/Titan Panel/Chocolate Bar – you will need to download and use one of these for the LFD broker to work and show. It also plugs in to Bagnon – an awesome bag addon – (as do all brokers), which is shiny._


adds a couple of useful types of note to your item tooltips. You can get it to tell you what items will disenchant into and what you’ll get from milling herbs. You’ll need to download both itemnotes and the disenchants / inks extensions to get it to work (hence why the link goes to a search result showing all three), but it’s useful information if you’ve got a scribe or an enchanter – or just if you want to know what that dungeon drop is likely to turn into if you click the disenchant button instead of the greed button!


As a tank I like to let my healers know when I’m using cooldowns or when something’s resisted my taunt so they know when to heal less, or spam heal some DPS who’s forgotten what threat is. Before patch 4.2 I could only find addons that did a half-arsed job of this, then they completely broke in 4.2. Then I found OptiTaunt. It works flawlessly, spamming my raid and party chat with tank cooldown announcements and taunt info. I love it. I like to think my healers do too!

Market Watcher

Hugh wanted to add this addon and I’m about to test it given how much he raves about it. It’s an addon that, surprisingly, watches the AH markets over time. It records the data and gives you graphs reflecting item values so you can jump on them at the right time. Great if you want to up your arbitrage auctioneering.

I’ve used to link all of these and they’re also all available via the curse client. Happy addon’eering (it’s a word now)!