How to make a Runed Elementium Rod in WoW

Leveling an enchanter in WoW was never going to be cheap, but the regular upgrades to your enchanting rod are often stumbling points for both price and availability. Here’s our quick guide to the Cataclysm enchanting rod: the Runed Elementium Rod.

You won’t need to even worry about making a Runed Elementium Rod until your Enchanting skill hits at least 515.

Prepare your enchanting materials

Most of the materials you’ll need for the elementium rod recipe can be gained from your regular disenchanting. You might well have most of these in stock already, but if not it’s time to stock up. Check the prices on your server’s auction house – it might be cheaper to buy these mats directly rather than trying to buy items to disenchant. Remember to check for Lesser Celestial Essence as well as Greater Celestial Essence – you can convert from one to the other freely, at the rate of 1:3.

You’ll need:

  • 10 x Hypnotic Dust
  • 6 x Greater Celestial Essence
  • 6 x Heavenly Shard

You’ll also need a Runed Titanium Rod, which should be your current Enchanting rod anyway. As with previous rod upgrades, creating the new rod will destroy your existing rod, but you’ll be able to use the new Elementium Rod to perform all the duties of your Titanium Rod.

The awkward bit

Getting all those ingredients is the (comparatively) easy bit. The final ingredient is an Elementium Rod, and that’s where the pain usually starts. _Elementium Rod_s are crafted by Blacksmiths, and those blacksmiths know full well that you can’t advance your Enchanting skill any further without one. You might be lucky enough to find one on the auction house for as little as 150g, but prices can rise to 1000g or even higher. If you’ve got a good stockpile of gold, then this may not be much of a blow for you – in which case go ahead and purchase – but for those with only a few coppers to rub together the price can be a bit steep.


It’s always worth asking any blacksmiths in your guild if they’d mind making the rod for you. You’ll need to provide the materials for the recipe, which is simply 15 Elementium Bars (or 30 pieces of Elementium Ore).

If your guild blacksmiths fail you, it’s time to turn to the Trade channel. Whilst the idea of using the Trade channel for its actual intended purpose may feel dangerously heretical to some Warcraft players, it can actually be the best way to get your rod, especially if there are none on the auction house. Remember to mention that you have the mats already, and be sure to add a nice tip!

Crafting the Runed Elementium Rod

Having finally assembled all the required materials, it’s time to make the rod itself. You’ll need to purchase the Formula for Runed Elementium Rod, which you can buy from the Enchanting Supplies vendor in any major city. Once you’ve learned the recipe, just open your Enchanting crafting window, hit Create, and watch all those hard-earned materials disappear from your bags. Phew! That’s the last rod upgrade you’ll need, at least until the next expansion.