How To Get To… – WoW Edition

Getting lost is no fun. It’s no fun when you’re half-way up the M42, it’s rush hour, you’ve only got a quarter tank of fuel and you’re pretty sure you needed to turn off about 100m ago when that asshat in the lorry cut you off, and it’s no fun when you’ve just wiped in the middle of some goddamn instance you’ve never even seen before, you have no idea of how to get back in, and your fellow party members are all referring to you being, in a very real sense, a n00b.

MMO Melting Pot is all about taking away that pain. Well, we’re not. We’re mostly about finding awesome stuff from the MMO blogospheres. But we’ve gotten fed up with getting lost, and have decided to start writing guides for the poor confused souls – like us – who can’t find their way into, out of, through or from somewhere virtual.

So far, we can tell you:

WoW – Cataclysm