Hot Topic: World of Zandalaricraft

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle on the blogosphere at the moment about the way Blizzard is essentially channeling all its playerbase into two (arguably very irritating) 5-man dungeon instances – the Zandalari Heroics, which used to be raids, Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub.

Kurn started it all off, talking about just how damn out of whack it is that it’s arguably faster and easier to progress by running troll heroics again and again and again than it is to do so by raiding – even to the point that you’ll get more Valor Points as a random dungeon-runner than as a 10-man raider. She’s also talking about just how onerous this makes the time commitment on a hardcore raider. And she’s Not Happy:

As a guild master and a raid leader, I am absolutely astounded that you are awarded the same amount of Valor Points for completing Zul’Gurub or Zul’Aman as you are for killing one Firelands boss (or Occu’thar) on 25-man difficulty. You actually get MORE Valor Points for getting through ZG or ZA than you do in killing any raid boss on 10-man difficulty. What the hell? Five-man random heroics reward you with MORE VP over the course of a week than a ten-man guild who CLEARS Firelands and does Occu’thar? Yep, that’s right.

Meanwhile, Windsoar over at Jaded Alt is opting out of the entire grind. Yes – she isn’t going to cap her VP by running through endless trolls, and she thinks that unless your guild specifically requires you to, or unless you actually like doing that, you shouldn’t either:

In the end, a single piece of gear is not going to make or break my raid team’s chances. Hell, if every member of my raid team followed my philosophy our combined 10 pieces of gear would not break our chances. Giving into the fallacy that slight gear upgrades will make or break the ability of your team to down bosses is ludicrous, and I refuse to subscribe to it.

I must admit, I’m getting tired of the grind right now – and frankly, if I was in a guild that told me I had to run 7 random Zandalaris, or for that matter one random Zandalari, every week, they’d be looking for a new raider. But I’ve struggled a bit with this too – “Yeah, I hate both ZA and ZG with a passion, but they’re by far the best way to upgrade my gear and give my guild the best chance if I run them a LOT – aargh!”

What do you think? Are you running your 7 Zandalaris every week like clockwork? Do you not understand what the fuss is? Would you walk out on a guild that demanded you cap VP every week?

Quotes taken directly from Kurn’s post and Windsoar’s post