Do you have a blog you’d like us to feature?

Just a quick note for everyone: I’m currently in the process of going through and rounding up all the new blogs that have appeared in the MMO scene, adding them to the blogroll that we check every day, and preparing a feature post for all the newcomers.

So, if you run a blog that you’d like us to be reading, or if you know of a great new blog you haven’t seen us feature on here, please let me know in the comments, below.

We’re interested in blogs on any Massively Multiplayer subject – WoW blogs, LoTRO blogs, EVE blogs, overall MMO blogs, MMO developer blogs, blogs from people playing little MMOs we’ve never heard of, the entire thing. If they write interesting stuff about anything MMO, we want to hear about it.

And please do spread the word on this one! We don’t want to miss great blogs we should be featuring, so please let your audiences or other bloggers you follow know we’re looking for them!