We interrupt this broadcasting schedule to bring you an important announcement.

*cue trumpets*

MMO Melting Pot is a year old today! Huzzah! So we want to crack out the metaphorical birthday caek (we don’t know who Kevin is but we hope he doesn’t mind us stealing his chocolate cake) and the pungent seal whey (mmm) and take a few minutes to share it all with you.

Sharing not just the cake – which we’d send down the router to you all if we could – but our thanks to you all for being a great, welcoming and warm audience. You’ve really kept us going as the weeks turned into months and then a year. I remember back on our first day of doors opening I was terrified that you wouldn’t like my writing style, wouldn’t like the layout (which was oh so different to what it is now), wouldn’t like the colour scheme, would sue us for quoting posts or accidentally speaking out of context. Terrified. Can you guess that this was my first venture into online world domination blogging?

Anyway. Thank you, all, for being great. Both as an audience who picks up discussions and runs with them and an audience who gives us feedback and talks to us – please keep doing all of this. We like hearing from you! And now 592 posts (give or take as we lost some in the transfer to a new theme the other week), 1564 non-spam comments and 150k visitors/month later, we’re looking squarely at a new, fresh year and hoping you’ll stick with us – and we’ll get some new folks coming and joining in too.

So grab a piece of cake and hit f5, as we’ll resume normal broadcasting later today with some more link-love posts…