Why don’t people protect healers in PvP? Seriously?

Vidyala at Manalicious has been getting a kicking. In Battlegrounds, that is. Every time she sticks her healing nose out of the door, someone tries to chop it off.

Everyone knows that a healer’s pretty much your most powerful weapon in Battlegrounds. So why is it that random PUG groups continue to fail to, you know, protect them? Vidyala would very, very much like to know, because it’s starting to drive her out of PUG BGs:

I mean, let’s be frank here. I don’t think I’m the world’s gift to BGs. I don’t expect accolades or for anyone to act like I’m a big deal because I’m healing. I like healing! I want to heal. It’s just that, by virtue of what I’m doing – I need a little help from you in order to best help you. When you ignore my existence, I’m vulnerable. You see, the opposing team, they aren’t like you. They know who I am. Believe me – in seconds. They converge on me like a plague of locusts.

I always appreciate a good rant, and this is one. And it’s interesting – and surprising – to learn just how much the role of healer continues to suck in a Battleground. I mean, we all know that PUGs tend to bring out some pretty idiotic behaviour – but you would have thought that in a 15-person battleground, at least a few people would be capable enough to defend the source-o-healing.

Is there a good reason for this? Is there some strategic reason for not protecting healers that both Vid and I aren’t expert enough to get? Do more PvP oriented games like Guild Wars have this? Or is it just a truly epic case of PUG FAIL?

_Quote taken directly from Vidyala’s post.

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