Patch 4.3 Affliction Warlock Quick Start Guide – Stats, Talent Spec, Enchants, Gems and Reforging, Rotation And Glyphs

Want to get busy afflicting pain and agony on the monsters / other players of the world, but don’t know how to start being an affliction warlock after patch 4.3? Don’t worry. We’ve got the basics of affliction – talent spec, glyphs, gems and reforging, enchants, and of course priorities – covered here so you can be petting fluffy bunnies smiting your opponents in no time at all.

Updated Feb 22nd 2012 for Patch 4.3

Patch 4.3 changes for Affliction Warlocks

Not much has changed in ‘flick land with this patch. Soul Fire has had a small buff (but we don’t really use it anyway), and Shadow Bolt has a new graphic, but that’s about it.

Our tier 13 set bonuses are fun. The 2-piece simply gives us more fun times with our Doomguard or Infernal, but our 4-piece tier bonus changes our rotation fundementally. When we achieve 4T13, we should use Soulburn with Soul Fire whenever it’s available.

Affliction warlock rotation

Affliction Warlocks don’t use a strict rotation – instead, they use a priority system. So, cast the spell nearest the top of the list that’s off cooldown:

Single target: Haunt > Demon Soul > Bane of Doom > Corruption > Unstable Affliction > Drain Soul (if target is below 25% health) > Shadowflame > Shadow Bolt

  • Always use Haunt and Demon Soul whenever they’ve cooled down.
  • Keep Bane of Doom, Corruption and Unstable Affliction up on the target at all times.
  • Make sure to use Curse of Elements if another class isn’t providing an identical debuff (CoE is also covered by Unholy DKs, Mut rogues and Boomkin.)

Two targets: Get your DoTs on a target them use (glyphed) soul swap to transfer them to the other.

Three or more targets: Use Soulburn: Seed of Corruption.

Remember to keep Dark Intent up on a healer (if you’re on progression) or other DPS (if you’re on farm content). Use your Doomguard for single-target fights or your Infernal for AOE fights, during burn phases.


Affliction talent spec

Which warlock demon should I use?

Like most WoW warlock builds, you should use the Fel Hunter.

Stats, reforging and gems as an Affliction warlock

Stats order: Intellect > Hit (until hit capped at 1742 /17%) > Haste > Critical Strike Rating > Mastery

  • Reforge Mastery and Critical Strike Rating into Hit until hit capped, then everything into Haste. If you can’t reforge to Haste reforge to Critical Strike Rating.
  • Gem for intellect (Brilliant Inferno Ruby). Use split intellect/haste (Reckless Ember Topaz) in yellow sockets or split Intellect/Hit (Veiled Demonseye) in blue sockets in the socket bonus is +20 Int or +30 of another stat or more.

Affliction Warlock enchants

Remember to check if your profession enchants are better! (Check the stat weights above – it’s likely to be pretty obvious if so).

Head Arcanum of Hyjal
Shoulders   Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone
Back Enchant Cloak – Greater Intellect
Chest Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats
Wrist Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect
Hands Enchant Gloves – Haste
Belt Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Legs Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
Feet Enchant Boots – Lavawalker
Weapon Enchant Weapon – Power Torrent
Off-Hand Weapon Enchant Weapon – Superior Intellect


Primes: Glyph of Unstable AfflictionGlyph of CorruptionGlyph of Haunt

Major:Glyph of Soul Swap Glyph of Shadow BoltGlyph of Life Tap. If you need to CC, you should use Glyph of Fear instead of one of the other Glyphs.

Minor: Glyph of Drain Soul and user’s choice.

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