Step 1: Reach Max Level, Step 2: ????

I often hear people wondering what there is to do in Rift at level 50, the max level. But I never hear anyone talking about it – a fact that I’ve not realised until today, when I read Spinks’ latest post* about having just reached the tip top level with her Rift mage.

Spinks talks about her trepidation of hitting Rift’s heroic-equivalents and why she might feel like that post-WoW, and also the confusion she got into with the level-50 only battleground Port of Scion. Confusion with new battlegrounds is something a lot of us can relate to, as is reaching max leveli n a game for the first time and going “er… right. So now what?”

Here is us riding through the streets on the way to … somewhere. As I say, I honestly do not have a clue what was going on in this warfront. But it seemed fun enough and city fighting is always cool.

Other than that, I’m trying to figure out what to do next. I’m saving up gold to pay for a faster horse, and there are various factions that you can earn rep with by doing daily quests.

The different types of rifts available at 50 – like crafting rifts – sound interesting, though from what Spinks says I’m left thinking that there must be more to the end game. Sshe doesn’t mention raiding at all, and I believe there are both raid instances and raid rifts. But that’s an obvious endgame tidbit, and the list Spinks comes up with looks a little paltry – for example, I wonder if there’s any of the exploration stuff that say, LotRO, is so famed for?

So, help her out – and at the same time fix my curiosity. Is there more Spinks could do at endgame? Or if you don’t play Rift but something else at endgame, have you got any ideas of things she could look for in Rift?

_Quote taken directly from Spinks’ post

You can find Spinks’ Spinksville homepage here

*She also briefly links the latest SWTOR trailer which is AWESOME. Find it in her post._