Do you complain to guild leaders about LFD?

Doone at T.R.Redskies is talking about what seems to be quite a hot topic at the moment: LFDers having a bad experience with a player, and subsequently rolling an alt to complain to that player’s Guild Master.

Apparently some people are really, really down on this sort of thing, calling it “stalking” or worse. Doone, however, has a different opinion:

The next thing you can do is what the OP of the above thread said: talk to their guild master. Don’t let any one convince you this is some how stalking or whatever other extremely inappropriate terms they try to apply to it. It is our responsibility as players in online communities to talk to one another to solve problems. It is our responsibility to decide what kind of attitudes we will accept in our community

The post did lose me briefly at one point, when he talks about an argument being silly, but appears to be referencing a different part of his post – but it’s easy enough to understand what he means. And the rest of the post brings up a very interesting point. I must admit I’ve occasionally rolled alts to talk to Guild Masters about particularly egregious idiots. Does that make me a stalker?

What do you think? Is contacting Guild Masters cross-realm tattletaling or even stalking? Or is it a sensible response to the woes of the LFD tool?

_Quote taken directly from Doone’s post.

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