Patch 4.3 Mutilate / Assassination Rogue Quick-Start Guide: Stats, Build, Rotation, Changes, Reforging And Glyphs

It’s Patch 4.3, and everyone in melee just got a buff – including Assassination Rogues. Hurrah! But how to best make use of our newfound powers? Well, here’s our quick guide to the best way to stat, spec your talent build, reforge, gem, glyph, and perform your rotation to top the meters and hopefully not stand in too much fire in the process.

Updated Nov 29th, 2011, for Patch 4.3

Assassination Rogue Changes in Patch 4.3

This patch isn’t too exciting for rogues as far as mechanics changes go. We get a 10% buff along with every other melee class, a slight (PvP-focussed) change to Wound Poison, and… that’s it.

However, there’s one massive thing all rogues need to be aware of in Patch 4.3, and that’s the Rogue Legendary quest line . Not only does it lead to the best damn daggers ever at the end, but you can just do the first few quests – requiring you to get to the fourth boss in Dragon Soul on Normal – in order to get your hands on the best daggers outside Heroic mode. Seriously, this is VERY worth doing.

The Tier 13 Set bonuses are worth a mention. If you have 2 pieces of T13, make sure to use Tricks of the Trade on cooldown.

Assassination/mutilation rogue rotation

Assassination Rogue rotation, priorities, stats, and spec

Make sure you’ve got poisons on! Instant Poison on your Main Hand weapon, and Deadly Poison on your offhand and thrown weapons.

Always open the fight from stealth. Open with Garotte if you can do so QUICKLY – but if it’ll take even 2 seconds to get into position, use Mutilate instead. Immediately use those combo points on Slice and Dice.

From here:

  • If you don’t have any combo points: Use Mutilate unless the boss is below 35%, in which case use Backstab.
  • If you have 1, 2 or 3 combo points: In priority order: if Slice and Dice is about to run out, use Envenom to refresh it. If Rupture is about to run out, use Rupture. Otherwise, use Mutilate or Backstab as above.
  • If you have 4 or 5 combo points: In priority order: if Slice and Dice is about to run out, use Envenom. If Rupture is about to run out, use Rupture. Otherwise, use Envenom.
  • NEVER Mutilate when you have 4 or more combo points or allow your Energy to hit 100 (always use an ability before then).

For more advanced tips, see our more in-depth Assassination Rogue rotation guide

Cooldowns: You have 3 Cooldowns – Cold Blood, Vendetta and Vanish (yes, it’s a DPS cooldown). Use Cold Blood whenever it’s up, with a 5 point Envenom. Use Vanish whenever it’s up and you’ll get a solid 15 sec of DPS. Use Vendetta whenever it’s up and you’ll get at least 30 sec of uninterrupted DPS. Vendetta and Vanish work very well with Bloodlust, so try to coordinate that where possible.

Your multi-target AOE rotation is pretty simple: Fan Of Knives. Repeat. If there are 3 or more enemies and no pressing reason to only DPS one, use this rotation instead. Make sure you’re ALSO attacking something in melee at the same time, and still open from stealth.


Assassination talent spec


Gem: Agility is your most important stat. Always gem for Agility unless it isn’t available or there is a Agility socket bonus of more than 10. In the second case, use [Adept Ember Topaz] in yellow sockets and [Glinting Demonseye] in blue sockets.

Reforging: Reforge for Hit until you pass the Spell Hit Cap (1332 Hit Rating). After that, reforge for Mastery. Once you’re past Spell Hit Cap, reforge excess Hit first. If you’re not there yet, reforge Crit first, then Expertise, then Haste, then Mastery.

Note: The above notes for Hit Rating assume you have 23 Precision in your talent tree, as the advised tree above does.

Assassination Rogue Enchants

Remember, your profession may provide a better enhancement option- check the stat priorities above!

Head Arcanum of the Ramkahen
Shoulders   Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal
Back Enchant Cloak – Major Agility
Chest Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats
Wrist Enchant Bracer – Agility
Hands Enchant Gloves – Greater Mastery or Enchant Gloves – Expertise if you are under expertise cap.
Belt Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Legs Dragonscale Leg Armor
Feet Enchant Boots – Major Agility
Weapon Enchant Weapon – Landslide on both


Primes: Glyph of MutilateGlyph of BackstabGlyph of Rupture

Major: Glyph of Tricks of the TradeGlyph of FeintGlyph of Sprint.

Minor: Glyph of Safe Fall and whatever else catches your fancy.

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