Survival Of The Most Efficient

Nils was having trouble with Rift. Not in the conventional “it’s rubbish/it’s a pale imitation of WoW/its quests send me to sleep” ways that always seem to be the things people say when complaining about Rift – no, Nils found an entirely new and quite sensible problem with it.

His warrior had too many abilities. Abilities which are all useful, or at least not pointless. Nils is highlighting this as a specific and interesting design choice from Trion, to have your characters have so many abilities that it makes gameplay more creative, as Nils puts it. Why? Because you’ve got to work out a new way to play.

…often, the faster you executed them, the faster you could execute them when they became available next. Since they were off the GCD, every millisecond mattered.

My biggest problem were hotkeys. Where do you put three hotkeys that you need to press ASAP when they light up? Honestly, I was really challenged by this and was constantly much worse at execution than I would have liked.

Having played a warrior of the same type he’s talking about, I can understand – they have more abilities than Superman on cocaine. Nils’ explanation of how this affected his gameplay – particularly in battlegrounds – is quite vivid. But he didn’t give up and found a solution in the way abilities work in macros in Rift. It opened up a new method of figuring out how to play efficiently.

The only problem, says Nils, was he then didn’t know which abilities he was using when – or care, because he was too busy having fun pasting his enemies’ faces into the ground.

But still, he’s asking the question – was this a good design choice from Trion or not – does it matter that his warrior’s abilities are now pretty much anonymous?

_Quote taken directly from Nils’ post

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