Setting The Pot To Stu- no, wait, simmer

Hey folks!

Quick note/reminder just to say that we’re off for about a week as of today, as we’re visiting family. We’ll be back on Tuesday ish the 17th. Hope you all have a grand week! In the meantime we have a couple of guest posts scheduled to go up and Hugh might sneak a post or so up (can’t keep him away from the blogroll I tell you), so keep your eyes on the Pot anyhow.

If you were thinking you might like to submit a guest post, you’re most welcome to still – I will still be watching the Pot’s email, although won’t be able to respond to very much while away.

Otherwise, I leave you with some shiny news. Our friends over in the Rift camp have let us know some particularly happifying (it’s a word now) news – two things in fact.

First off they’re launching Rift’s free trial service! So, if you’ve been looking at Rift and going “ooh err, not sure, looks good but my wallet says otherwise” then head on over here for a 7 day free trial of Rift. It’s a great idea – I didn’t realise they hadn’t done it yet, but now seems the perfect time for a free trial to launch. And well worth looking in to to, my faerie pet’s still alive and well after being named by you lot a few weeks ago!

Secondly, if you already play Rift and want to get your friends involved, they’re launching the Ascend-A-Friend scheme, which allows you to rope your friends into Telara for 7 days for free. Yep, you guessed it, if you do bring some friends along and they then subscribe, you get shinies. Including a pony.