Roundup: Blogosphere Discussion On Optimization

Yesterday Tobold did what Tobold does best. He set the blogosphere alight. Not literally, though we have hidden the matchbox. Nope, he posted an article about fears of optimization and loads of people around the blogosphere have jumped in on it. Many of them are disagreeing with him, some are wandering off into specific points about optimization, but all of them are passionate and thought out.

So here they all are for you to make your own mind up – can optimizing your character be a bad thing?

  • Optimality – Rohan at Blessing of Kings talks about why optimization is crucial, and how and why it’d be very difficult to get rid of it.
  • Fun Builds: Not That Fun In End-Game Content – Syncaine says that optimization is a content-based problem: at end game there’s simply no middle ground for those who want to experiment with their playstyle.
  • The Enemy Is Not Optimization – Nils argues that optimization itself isn’t a bad thing – crowd sourcing (i.e. crowds of other people determining optimal ways to play) is. A simple but brilliant argument.
  • Combat Meters – Nils has also split off from the main topic to talk about combat meters permanently measuring your ‘performance’, relating to inefficiency/optimization. For me he’s summed up combat meters in one word: sinister.
  • Playing Without Recount – Shintar talks about how playing with and without recount’s made her feel in the past, and wonders if players would get less stressed without those numbers constantly on screen and in our heads.