Name Two Things That Build A Better Community – Go.

In the wake of the announcment and discussions about Blizzard adding a new premium feature, Spinks has come up with some interesting thoughts on what makes a gaming community better than others.  It’s quite a short post but Spinks hasn’t cut the point short – she’s done a good job of saying everything that needs to be said but keeping it to the point.

So what does make a community better than others? Spinks takes a look at a particular MMO that has a community with a better reptutation than most and sees two major distinctions between it and other games – the amount of PvP in it and the IP (intellectual property – i.e. Star Wars) it’s based on, and then expands on these points to look at the sort of community they attract and grow.

We know that there are other factors affecting the quality of in game communities, such as the size of the game, and how much players are encouraged to interact. But I wonder how far the IP itself affects things. Some are likely to attract an older crowd, due to when the original IP was written/ popular, others have a reputation for just being more mature in general because of the themes involved (imagine a historical Roman Empire game compared to a Pokemon MMO.)

It’s a good point – I’m pretty sure most of us know which game we’d go for out of those options (the pokemon one, right?)

How about you – do you think certain IPs or certain styles of gameplay help build better communities?

_Quote taken directly from Spinks’ post

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