How Levelling Is Like Being In The Movies

I’ve just read a post that starts off talking about how and why the author finds most PvP zones so enjoyable and replayable, and what the exceptions to that are. The post then goes on to compare it all to raids and PvE progrsesion and how replayability is limited both if you succeed or fail in raids. The very same post then takes what should be a handbrake turn but feels like a smooth glide on to levelling alts and how wrong it feels to replay zones with multiple alts.

That same post then gracefully breezes on to compare the whole lot to movies. And then to fishing in WoW. And achievements – before going right round to PvP again.

You’ll agree that lot is a lot of topics to cover in one post. I’m sure it sounds like a muddled heap to you. But I was kept reading right through to the end of all of it and that’s quite a feat Cynwise has achieved.

The effect of failure is, interestingly, the same as the effect of success: it lowers the replay value of raiding. No matter where you stop, eventually your team does have all the gear available, even if it’s from Zulroics and crafted epics and you’re 0/13, or if you’re pushing HM 1313.

The contrast with PvP is striking. WSG is still entertaining after 6 years, but most Vanilla and BC raids are just visited for reputation, vanity items, or nostalgia. Kara and Ulduar, arguably the two best raid instances still in the game, are gorgeous – but they’re not really a challenge with max-level characters.

The whole post fits together so well – and shouldn’t – that it’s something of a masterpiece. Yep, it’s long, but should have something for everyone whatever your chosen poison in WoW.

What about you – which bits of WoW do you find replayable – or not?

_Quote taken directly from Cynwise’s post

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