WTB Epic Colorz!

Feature ideas for MMOs are ten a penny. But every so often a gem appears, from someone who’s either thought really hard about the genre as a whole or has just been struck by the inspiration fairy – and who wouldn’t want a close encounter with Kylie?

Ferrel of Epic Slant seems to have had a close encounter of the fey kind today, or else he’s Just That Good, because he’s requesting a feature that I’d not thought of for ages, but would substantially improve most MMOs – achievement-based appearances:

There should be some difference in appearance between the raider and soloist. Top PvP players should be easily recognizable if they choose to be. I’m not talking about a raw power increase here. I just want to look different. This exact concept was one of the reasons I was drawn to Warhammer Online prior to release. They promised players that as you leveled orcs would get bigger and have longer teef (Orc-ified). Dwarves would grow their beards. Elves would be more… elfish. You get the picture. The sad thing is that promise was not implemented. The idea is solid, however, and I really want someone to steal it.

WoW, in particular, already has a lot of achievement-based rewards, but nearly all of them are mount or title-based, these days. I still remember in Vanilla, though, when high-rank PvP sets were extremely recognisable – it was occasionally a bit of a thrill just to see someone in REALLY impressive shoulderpads, and suddenly realise “Hey, that guy’s the High Warlord!”

And it’s often lamented these days that most characters end up looking alike. So maybe, instead of a great skeletal dragon, top raiders should just get a Seriously Awesome Hat?

Everyone loves a hat.

What do you think? Yay or nay to awesome hats for top raiders?

_Quote taken directly from Ferrel’s post_

_You can find Ferrel’s Epic Slant homepage here_**