WoW Patch 4.1 – One Stop Shop

So the newest, biggest and badest (take that how you will) patch dropped for WoW today in the form of 4.1. There have been a fair amount of changes from new 5 mans Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, 4.1 class changes and some other general changes to the way WoW works. There are also a fair amount of bugs with the new WoW patch, surprise surprise. Like last time there was a major patch, our aim here at the Pot is to help you get up to speed with what you need to know with patch 4.1.

Generally the links we’re providing are to posts written by industrious bloggers. We’re including everything practically-useful from class changes to PvP to tactics and addons.

At present it’s not a complete list. I’d like to keep updating it with more links, especially for classes and specs I’ve not yet found any help for, so if you find/have something please shoot it my way via the comments, twitter or the contact form. Shout if there’s something specific you want that we’ve not covered, too. Otherwise, here goes, I hope it’s helpful – I’ve included a table of contents so you can easily see what we’ve got and get to it post-haste.

Patch 4.1 class changes:

Death Knights:


  • Angelya has a round-up of everything you need to know as a druid in 4.1. Her post provides links onwards to posts explaining 4.1 changes for resto druids, feral druids, balance druids and bear druids.
  • Feral bears have a real treat for 4.1 bear changes in this post from Sunnier. He starts off with a clear TL:DR then goes into the real meat of bear changes in 4.1



Priests (my word, you guys are well covered):



General guides:

4.1 Tactics posts:

4.1 bugs and addons:

  • Sharden has a roundup of the known issues and bugs in patch 4.1, as well as an account of bugs he experienced in his own raid
  • WoW Interface is running a 4.1 addon survival guide listing addons that have and (a lot that) haven’t yet been updated for 4.1

PvP in 4.1: