What The Blogosphere Got Up To Today

Let me tell you now, going through a blogroll the size I keep track of on April Fool’s day could drive a person mad. BUT! I thought. If you can’t beat ’em… well, at least join in the spirit. We’re not running an April Fool’s (today’s earlier Friday Feedback post was 100% authentic and we do want your feedback) but we’re doing a roundup of the April Fools posts out there. Because, to put it bluntly, there’s a lot of fun – believeable – posts and so many of them have got me giggling. Join in and have a read :)

WoW gags

  • 4.1 PTR Update, much needed changes! – Rank 4 Healing Touch has the scoop on today’s rseto druid big change announcements! Wow, I think Imma going to be calling for some nerfs…
  • Orcalicious and Draenic Army Knife – Vidyala and Rades have been swapping some tips and they’ve ended up inspiring each other to race change! They’ve even changed all their blog designs already, that’s some enthusiasm for their newfound love of each others’ races! Some great – and timely – co-ordination.
  • Public Quests Come To WoW In Patch 4.3 – Tobold’s breaking the news that Blizzard’s stealing adapting Rift’s public quests and invasion-style portals. My, Deathwing’s going to be a busy dragon.
  • Postcards from Azeroth – Rioriel’s postcards today tell a whole story. He’s taken them down for some reason but he sent me screenies – find them here and here. Wow, the graphics in games just keep getting better and better… and I swear I’ve never seen those things in Azeroth… Oh, also check out the pic of the Tomb of Eternal Darkness here.
  • Rift or WoW? Goodbye Azeroth! – Cold’s leaving Azeroth in favour of Rift! Noes! He’s asking if you’re going with him…
  • Crabby the dungeon helper and more – WoW Insider have all the details of Blizzard’s announcements today – ranging from Crabby the new dungeon guide, to a whole new instance using new technology, and even a Starcraft 2 announcement. So much to jump up and down about!

**Lord of the Rings gags


A Casual Stroll to Mordor’s had a busy day with some particularly class posts…

  • A HardCore Sprint To Mordor – they’ve announced a new direction and title for their blog! Good luck to them with jumping into the fast lane, let’s hope they don’t get run down…!
  • Potential Class Changes – they’ve got details on lots of new and exciting class changes for LotRO. Everything from great dental work allowing your captain toon to swing weapons without the use of your arms to loremasters being able to summon a beacon of soap to clean up grimey dwarves… it’s all here.
  • Pineleaef Peruses Surival: Hobbiton – a new PvP skirmish comes to LoTRO, specifically to Hobbiton. And it sounds brutal. Delivering pies? Oh noes! (Actually, given the nature of Hobbits I could believe this one for real…)

General MMO gags