What It’s Like For The Other Side In Raiding

It’s not often I read about someone moving to a new guild and think “awwwww”. But Janyaa over at Muradin Musings has a heartwarming story and I immediately felt like sharing it with you all because while it does stoke the warm, fuzzy, fluffy feelings, it’s also a great insight into raiding.

No wait, that’s too simple. What Janyaa’s talking about is what it means to be a raider, and also to be a raid leader. Two very different things. She’s currently in a position where she can relax and enjoy being a raider without the responsibility of leading and it’s put her in a reflective mood.

I’ve been in Shadowraven for a little over a week now and, so far, things are going really well. Everybody has been warm and welcoming. Apparently, there are quite a few people in the guild who are night owls. There have been many nights I’ve found myself up at 2 or 3 am in the morning with more than a handful of people. And, man! Have we had some “colorful” conversations in mumble…

One of the best things about being in Shadowraven is that I can just be a raider…

This is a good read for anyone, be you raider, raid leader or even non-raider. Janyaa give you just enough of an insight into the ‘other side’ of things without boring or scolding you whatever walk of play you’re in – for example, she does a great job of underlining the fact that raid leaders have a lot of hats to wear without belittling being a ‘rank and file’ raider. Though she does have one teeny request at the end for raiders, which I think raid leaders everywhere would thank her for!

What do you think – are you happy with whatever you do/don’t do in a raid group, or do you wish you were a leader? Or even rank and file?

_Quote taken directly from Janyaa’s post

You can find Janyaa’s Muradin Musings homepage here_