Stop And Smell The (MMO Equivalent Of) Roses

Yesterday we briefly featured Moxie’s tales of creating an idyllic homestead in Wurm Online. At the time I also left her a comment asking how Wurm compared to Minecraft as they sound like similar, build-whatever-you-want type games. Today she’s put up an entire post in response – and it’s fascinating.

First, they’re both nature-based/quasi-medieval sandbox games. You start the game and as a total newbie get plopped in the middle of a world full of trees, lakes, and mountains with few to zero tools and no direction other than “Go, Survive, Have Fun”. Players are able to do pretty much anything they want in both games. There’s no quests, no levels, no instances, no real goals other than whatever the player wants to do.

Moxie takes a look at how Wurm and Minecraft are both similar and different to each other. Moxie does a good job of explaining how different they actually are – for two create-your-own-stuff sandbox games I’m surprised that the list just goes on. In each example she compares one game to the other – for example, how the world you play in is pre-defined in Wurm, whereas in Minecraft you could play in a world decided by your own imagination.

I don’t know about you but occasionally I hanker for a chance to put down the sword and fireballs and build a nice little farm with some orchards that aren’t there to to be full of  bandits for me to kill.  But thanks to Moxie’s post, I now have a much better idea of how each of these games would help me achieve that – especially given she’s particularly clear on how realistic time and effort spent is in each game.

What about you – are you already playing these and have things to add or do these sound like something fun to you? (go on, even a small part of you underneath the gruff heroic countenance)?

_Quote taken directly from Moxie’s post_

_You can find Moxie’s Battle Priestess homepage here_