How Would You Save The World… Of Warcraft?

Zellvirae over at the Dead Good Tanking Guide has a quick post today. He’s not saying much himself this time: instead he’s pointing us to a thread on the EU WoW forums by hunter Dergas. Zell couldn’t have sung Dergas’ post any more praise, so I went to check it out – and ayup, I agree. Dergas’ post rocks, as do many of the comments afterwards.

So what’s all the fuss about? Dergas is saying that the world of Warcraft feels dead. He’s not bitching or flaming Blizzard for it – he’s making a statement, saying something needs to be done, then coming up with some ideas. A lot of them are drawing on things we’ve seen before in WoW and which he remembers as being fun and encouraging people to be social. A lot of them are also aimed at bringing server communities more to the fore without removing LFD/cross realm battlegroups.

I personally blame Dungeon Finder, cross-server battlegrounds (and even guild leveling to an extent) for this, but I cannot realistically expect Blizzard to get rid of those features any time soon.

Basically, I wish Blizzard would implement features that would encourage players to bond with other people belonging to the same server to foster a feeling of community. To make the world more alive by encouraging players to travel around Azeroth for whatever reasons.

His ideas cover both PvE and PvP improvements – encouraging more world PvP in given zones using daily quests, for example. I personally hate being ganked but the way Dergas has thought it through it’s a good idea: it wouldn’t impinge on my PvE activities and it would make people actually go to other zones. And that’s just the start. Many of the folks responding to Dergas’ post have good, constructive ideas too.

Go check it out. Full marks to Zell for pointing it out, too. He wants us to spread the word, especially as Dergas’ post is on the EU forums and is likely to get less attention from Blizz. So now it’s your turn! Think about how you’d revitalise the world and do what you can – comment on his post, here, or start a US thread about it.

_Quote taken directly from Dergas’ post_

_You can find Zellvirae’s Dead Good Tanking Guide homepage here_