Gold-making mishaps competition: The results

A little while ago, Rebecca asked you for your most amusing gold-making mishap. In return for humbling yourself (or your fellow auctioneers) on the internetz, we offered you the chance to win a free copy of Zoxy’s new ebook Gold Making The Basics.

There were some excellent (painful) stories submitted, but in the end we’ve chosen a definite winner … and that winner is Cynwise!

Buying out all the First Mate’s Hats when Cataclysm dropped at 2 grand each, thinking I’d be getting a deal, without checking that the drop rates had been increased? Well, I didn’t need all that gold, I guess.

I feel that pain. I still have a bank mule with bags full of things I thought would sell at the start of Cataclysm. I had a list of about a dozen items which I’d carefully prepared, using market prices and expected demand and maths. I had to figure out how to do standard deviation in my spreadsheet application: this was serious number-crunching. I was convinced I was onto a goldmine. What I’d failed to take into account, of course, was the fact that I’m an idiot. Ah well. Maybe they’ll all sell at the start of the next expansion.

Congratulations Cynwise! We’ll be in touch very soon to give you your prize. Hope it goes some way towards numbing the pain of all that gold dropped on overpriced headgear. Thanks to everyone who shared gold-making woes with us … and remember, it’s not always bad. I once sold a mining pick for 150g. If you don’t play WoW, take it from me – that’s quite a mark-up.