Cataclysm recruitment: how hard is it?

Cataclysm. No PUGs raids. Dungeon PUGs strictly on an anonymous “we’ll never see each other again” basis. Heavy encouragement to only do any form of activity within your guild.

A number of people predicted that Cataclysm would see guild recruitment become staggeringly difficult. I know that in Herding Cats, we’ve experienced this personally – the wide network of people we knew in Wrath and TBC from dungeon running and PUG raiding has vanished like the morning dew, and frankly the idea of having to recruit anyone new right now fills me with terror.

Shintar at Priest with a Cause is finding the situation equally frustrating:

I used to have plenty of contacts outside our guild, but they have mostly dried up. Five-mans used to be the big thing to do with people outside your guild occasionally, but the dungeon finder has mostly killed that off too. So it’s not until you’re short on raiders that you realise that you’ve got nowhere to turn. I keep thinking that I should make a point of running the daily heroic again and ask in general chat whether anyone wants to join to get to know people, but seeing how I’m a healer and healers are exactly what we’re missing, that strategy wouldn’t really achieve much.

How much longer can this continue, I wonder?

Does this mesh with your experience? Is your guild panicking about what will happen if they lose a key tank or healer – or even DPS? Or are you finding recruitment as easy and fun as ever? (And if so, can we have some tips on how you’re doing it please? )

_Quote taken directly from Shintar’s post.

You can find Priest With a Cause’s homepage here_.