Why And How WoW Should Stop Being An MMO

Let’s start the week off with an interesting idea from Tobold which would effectively de-MMO WoW. Ooh err, sounds a bit much like end of the world for a Monday morning, right?

Tobold’s idea is only theoretical of course but it does have merit. He’s looked at Blizzard Activision’s two biggest games – WoW and Call of Duty (CoD) – and has come up with a way to splice them so we’d get the content we want from WoW and sensible mechanics from CoD. He’s christened it Call of WoW. Why do it at all? Tobold’s basic point is it gets rid of all the annoying, problematic bits WoW raiding currently has. Like … other people?

In Call of Duty in single-player mode that is beautifully solved with you being member of a squad of AI-controlled non-player characters. Thus Call of Warcraft should work the same way, and present us with a “guild” of non-player characters, which we can take with us to raid. No more problems with different people having different schedules and real-life obligations and interruptions.

To be fair while Tobold’s idea is centered around presenting Call of WoW as a single player game, he’s included a multiplayer system in the idea. I’m curious that he’s focused solely on raiding, even to the extent that he’s borrowed ideas from CoD to streamline levelling down to a training exercise. I wonder if his idea has room for being a series of games so folks who prefer questing or PvPing have an option, too.

You might say this isn’t much of a stretch from what elements of WoW already are. Question is – would it be the end of the MMO world – what would it do to MMOs as a genre if WoW went down a path like Tobold’s theorizing?

_Quote taken directly from Tobold’s post

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