[Updated] The Community Aten’t Dead

by on March 28, 2011

There’s been some sad news in the blogosphere. It took me by surprise somewhat – in fact, I found out through Vidyala’s post today over at Manalicious. Like many of us, she’s looking around at the community and the blogs closing one after another and trying to figure out how she feels about it. What she’s ended up with is a mature view on the community that deserves our respect – and agreement.

Vidyala starts off talking about some of her emotional pulls, and that empathically if someone else is hurting or laughing she feels along with them. And in the blogosphere recently there’s been plenty of lethargy and folks not knowing which way’s north. Vidyala says she’s felt it herself. But the crux of her post is the strong conclusion she’s come to: she, and we, don’t have to give up on writing about things we still love if others are.

I still have things to say. I still have people to talk to, and the WoW community brings me so much. You’re not even remotely done listening to me ramble, and I think that’s okay. In the wake of Tam leaving, and again with Larisa’s decision to stop blogging, I’ve heard people say things like “We can’t ever be the same without them,” or suggest that the end of their blogs is somehow a sign of the end. It’s bothered me that some comments seem to be that there will be nothing of quality left.

Vidyala’s calling for you to do something. She’s got a specific action for bloggers and for blog readers, and in both cases what she’s asking you to do is A Nice Thing ™ and could make someone’s day. She’s right too, it’ll also really help revitalise the blogosphere – and us – to remember that there’s still new blood with blogs springing up everywhere, and to know that readers do care. Vidyala’s set a great example; I really hope we can follow it. We aten’t dead.

Updated: and just to prove it, Fannon’s fresh off the press with a post in support of Vidyala’s rallying cry. He’s wondering what a non-blog reader player thinks of WoW at the moment – interesting question. And he calmly and stoically states the game will continue just fine without X or Y player because it’s much bigger than any one of us – and besides, there are a whole lot of new bloggers coming up, a lot of whom he lists. Good going, Fannon.

What do you think – is the WoW blogosphere going through a downturn and what can we do about it if so?

Quote taken directly from Vidyala’s post
You can find Vidyala’s Manalicious homepage here

You can find Fannon’s Dwarven Battle Medic homepage here

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Mhorgrim March 28, 2011 at 8:25 pm

First and foremost, the WoW Blogoshpere isn’t dead per se. People will come and go as they need. Take a look at Cynwise, Saz, Gevlon, Ratshag, Elfi, Zinn, BBB. It isn’t dead. The statements as usual from people who write on the net tend to be very personal and individualistic in nature. Alot of emotions go into this, especially how we percieve our long time friends moving on. But if you watch the activity, while some of our favorites move on, new folks appear.  Give the new ones a try. Maybe they are only focused on one aspect of the game, but encourage them as well. When you do encourage them into writing about WoW, they will be inclined to write more. This means commenting on thier posts. I try to do this when I feel there is something that interests me. Now, sometimes I leave a comment or two that is not necessarily deep or thoughtful, but is honest and encouraging. Keep this in mind. As we see members leave, wish them well, don’t work to making them continue on. New horizons for everyone. The new folk you run across, get them into the fold. This encourages regrowth and a healthy non stagnant atmosphere. Just my thoughts.


Saz March 28, 2011 at 11:35 pm

Our little community is simply shifting; much like how in life we see our friendship circles change with the times, or how our guild rosters slowly change over the years as old folks move on to other things and new faces begin to pop up. Currently it seems as if everyone is in that state of “Woah, I just noticed how much things are changing around here” and it’ll take an adjustment period for everyone to reacquaint themselves with the newer feel of the community, if that makes any sense.
The Dwarven Battle Medic actually just did a brilliant post on the changes that are happening in both WoW and in the blogosphere. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you seek it out. I found it to be equally as insightful and wonderful to read as Vidyala’s post.
We’re not necessarily in a downturn, we’re simply suffering from some pretty large growing pains and perhaps even some heartache. Some are longing for the “good ol’ days” where they recognized most of the faces, and where the bloggers they encountered were all familiar. Change can get some folks down, and it certainly is a shame to see so many well established and wonderful writers close their doors. But hey, there’s plenty of us newer folks coming in and some of us are pretty neat ; )
All it will take is some time, and the community should be able to rebound just fine.


Rebecca Judd March 29, 2011 at 1:12 am

I’m right there with you guys saying we’ll be fine – i.e. we aten’t dead. I highlighted Vidyala’s post (and Fannon’s; I updated this post shortly after Fannon posted at Dwarven Battle Medic to include a link to his post) to help spread the reassurance.

@Mhorgrim – quite right, nice support of what Vidyala’s saying. And like you and Vidyala I say let’s welcome the newer bloggers and get on with the business of commenting on blogs, new and old, as readers. Here’s to the community!

@Saz – yep, it’ll take some adjustment time. I’m right there with you on the “we’ll be fine” wagon. Looking forward to seeing where it takes us :)


Fannon March 29, 2011 at 4:38 am

@Rebecca: Thank you for updating your post to include mine!  That was totally unexpected!
I have been absolutely amazed at how welcoming and gracious the WoW blogging community has been to me since I have started Battle Medic. It truthfully is a great bunch of people, and as sad as it is to see some of the great bloggers close up shop, it’s equally exciting to see great new writers step up and try to fill the void.
@Saz: Thanks for your kind words; I’m very glad you enjoyed the post and thought enough of it to mention it here! I’ve just discovered you and your blog today, so I’m going to spend a little time catching up.


Imraith Dos Santos March 29, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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