Tell Us Your Funny Gold Stories To Win A Prize – And Other MMO Competitions

I don’t know whether it’s because the blogosphere’s bustling with competitions for every game under the sun or whether it’s because one of them is a LotrO competition and I’ve been lulled by images of disturbingly happy hobbits dancing round a may-pole, but we here at the Pot have a new competition for you guys. Wait, what? We’re running another competition so soon after naming the faerie? Yes. Bear with me and let me tell you about my day.

First I found the Rift competition that Trion’s running for Rift guild leaders. They’re asking you to submit your guild’s story for a chance to win 25 trial keys for use in an exclusive, mysterious ingame event. Your story can be anything about your guild – history, mission, experience. Sounds fun. Planar Tear has the full details, go check out how – and how not – to enter. Good luck!

Then I stumbled across the Hobbit/may-pole image inspiring competition. It’s Spring Festival in LotrO and Turbine’s started a Spring Festival screenshot competition. The winner gets 500 Turbine points, which I understand can be used to buy shiny things and probably cutesy hair-adorning daisie chains. A Casual Stroll to Mordor has the scoop on this one – it’s not hard to enter, so read up and get your screenshot button ready.

Next I turned to twitter and that’s where it got interesting for WoW players. First up, the guys at Hearthcast are doing a monthly give-away on their facebook page of the Zygor Guides levelling guide. The giveaway happens towards the latter end of the month, so go like their facebook page to keep an eye for the latest competition.

And then Zoxy of Trading with Zoxy tweeted us. That’s when we got into this Spring-tide competition madness, ‘cos he offered us a copy of his new E-book Gold Making The Basics to give away. It’s a very kind offer and completely out the blue. We don’t know much about his ebook yet, though we’ll be examining it more indepth soon. For now though the ebook’s sales page has some tongue-in-cheek humour and made me smile, which is always a good start, and it sounds like a good read for folks not already plugged into the gold-making game. And who knows, maybe for those who are!

Anyway. So, thanks to Zoxy’s offer, we at the Pot are joining in today’s competition spirit. The prize is a free copy of his ebook, which he’s otherwise selling for $10. So what do you have to do to enter? Quite simple.

Tell us the single most amusing gold making mishap you’ve done or or seen someone else do.

It’s all in the spirit of fun, so if we laugh there won’t be any meanness to it – we’ve all been there! It was only two days ago that I sunk 2000 gold into mats for an engineering item only to find I needed a third of the mats I’d hoovered up from the AH…. anyway, everyone’s welcome to enter their single best moment. You’ve got until 5 PM BST/ 9 AM PCT Monday 4th April 2011 to tell us your gold woes. Most amusing/inspired one wins. Good luck!