Raids – Taking Out The Trash

Trash. How did the non-boss monsters in dungeons and raids get to be called that? Anyhow, there’s a discussion about whether trash monsters in raids are a good thing or a concept that should be a thing of the past, and Larisa’s pitched in saying trash should stick around.

One of Larisa’s points is particularly strong and she’s quick to bring it up: Trial of the Crusader. The only trash-free raid. The one that nobdy enjoyed and is usually dubbed “worst raid evarrr”. You could say Larisa needs to say no more, but she goes on to give three excellent reasons why trash is a good thing in a raid instance. I particularly agree with her that trash gives the place you’re raiding some credibility and atmosphere: what big bad doesn’t have lackeys sitting around?

The trash makes the instance come alive, at least in the best cases. One of the best examples is probably Karazhan, with the dancers and the dinner guests on the bottom floor. Would Moroes have been half as enjoyable if you had fought him in the empty room of ToC? I wouldn’t think so.

To round off a very persuasive post, Larisa goes on to talk about what constitutes bad or rubbish (hah!) trash, giving a few examples from the current raid content. Then she goes on to have a think about what makes trash good or effective, and comes up with a lot of pointers. The biggest factor for me personally is the trash that respawns too nitwibbling quickly!

What about you – do you like trash, or do you hate it? What’s the best raid trash-wise for you?

_Quote taken directly from Larisa’s post

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