Name My Faerie To Win Prizes

(edit: competition finish time is now correct. Oops. Just testing you guys).

Get your thinking caps on: you’re going to name my faerie. No self-respecting hero can go adventuring without giving their companions their own name, right?

This is what you're naming. And yes, I know my cleric looks frumpy. Break from the chainmail bikini norm, though.

I’ve been playing Rift since last Thursday. The game’s only been officially launched for a few days, or a week if you’re in America. Say what you will about how much it’s like WoW – Rift’s got polish, it’s got presence and it’s got a maturity to it. I’m fairly excited about the whole thing, unlike other game launches. It feels like something to celebrate. At the moment I’m happy playing my cleric – and that’s where you come in.

Thing is, I’m not reeally a faerie kind of girl. I didn’t realise that the ‘fae creature’ mentioned as part of the druid soul path for clerics in Rift meant faerie. I don’t know what else I expected – maybe some kind of fluffy-tailed spirit dog with a disturbing grin.

Anyway. My cleric now has this faerie following her around and, despite my the pink wings, I’m keeping her. She does useful things like healing me. But naming a faerie? Not my cup of pixie dust.

So I want you guys to name her. The wonderful folks behind Rift have been very amicable since first contacting us about press accounts and  when I ran the competition idea by them they gave us a Rift T-shirt and a Steelseries mouse mat to give away as prizes for it. First prize is the t-shirt, runner-up prize is the mousemat. See the pictures below to get an eye of what you’re aiming at.

All you need to do is come up with a name (e.g. only one entry) for my faerie and post it in the comments here by Midnight GMT/4 PM PST Sunday 13th March. I’ll pick the winner and runner up on Monday and post up the results. My faerie, my entirely subjective judging, mwhahahha. You don’t have to be a Rift player to enter, you don’t have to be a blogger to enter. Anyone can enter.

The name can be anything you like, but a few hints to help you get your mitts on the prizes: I like thoughtful names. I also like mythical names. And amusing, light-hearted names. Oh, and while you’re welcome to submit lolspk names, they’re not going to win prizes. My cleric is not going to venture into the wilds with the fae l2pnub as her one and only companion.

So, are you going to celebrate with me, regardlses of whether you’re on the Rift bandwagon – and more importantly, are you going to help me out of this pixieish pickle I’m in?

Sword not included ;)