Monday Maintenance: Putting You On The Map – Needs Feedback

Wow, it seems an eon again since I last wrote a Maintenance Mondays post, telling you what technical gremlins were befalling the Pot and what we were doing to shoo them away. While I don’t have gremlins to report – and it’s not, y’know, Monday – there are a few actually interesting site maintenance things I’d like to bring to your attention. All of them should be of some interest to everyone, but I’d especially like you bloggers out there to pay attention to at least the first two items on the list.

Links/blogroll – I’ve finally revamped the links page. It’s still a little messy but it’s a whole lot better than it used to be. It’s now split into categories with links to all the individual categories at the top of the page: clicking on a link will take you down to the category. It’s aimed so that anyone coming to look for a specific topic can find resources just for that. As a result, some blogs are listed in multiple places as they fit multiple categories.

  • As a general question to everyone out there – what do you think about it, and do you have any further ideas for its improvement (other than adding categories for games other than WoW, which is already on the to-do list)?
  • Question to bloggers specifically – check the blogroll to see that you’re on there and in the right place. If for some reason I’ve missed you or you want to be in different/more/less categories, please either leave a comment to this post or contact us using the contact form. Happy to correct mistakes!

Community map – where we are around the world? – This is an idea from Larisa and Syl who thought we should get it running here at the Pot. Basically, a map pinpointing where all the bloggers are around the world. I think it’s a great idea. It doesn’t have to be game specific – in fact, it shouldn’t be game-specific. It’s for all bloggers to get ‘on the map’ if they want to. I’m currently looking into websites that would allow me to create such a map – unfortunately Frappr shut down so I’m looking for other options. What I’d like from you is:

  • If you’re a blogger I need to know where you live. Mwhahahha. No really, only so I can add you to the map and I don’t need all the details. Just your country, (and if you’re in the US your state), and preferably city as well as a lot of maps seem to want to place markers on specific cities. If you blog by your real name I’d suggest also submitting a psydonym. Sorry non-bloggers – I’m currently only adding bloggers to the map to see how it goes. I mgiht, later, add non-blogger readers as well if there’s a way to differentiate between bloggers/non-bloggers, and if the map’s not already crazy-full.
  • Do you prefer a map that shows our country or our city in that country? I don’t think any harm will come of a city-specific map (you all know I live in Edinburgh and I haven’t had bouquets of flowers turn up yet. Well, once, but that was Hugh’s initiative) but if you’re really uncomfortable with that idea and want us to try to find a country-focused map to use (if such a thing exists), let us know. (ideas for sites that do this kind mapping thing, like Frappr used to do, also welcome).

Ads – watch this space. No 100% promise yet but there should be something actually happening with the leaderboard ad space soon (which normally sits above the articles, but today is broken on the main page. GREMLINS!). If it goes through it’ll be for something that looks really cool. And that I’ll have more details on later. Yeah, I know, I’m teasing.