HOWTO: The Care And Feeding Of (Rift) Souls

Righty. Into RIFT, start up a quest. Go find a monster. Right. No problem, I’ll just ALT-TAB to WoWHead and –

Oh, yeah. No WoWHead. Bummer.

For an old WoWHand like me, not having much in the way of guides and databases currently available for Rift is a bit high on the Confusomatic scale. But people are starting to step in to help: people like Syl at Raging Monkeys, who today has a guide to Rift Souls, Roles, and possibly also Bowls.

[pullquote]There are currently a few Rift resources in the making, but nobody likes to go and search half-baked databases when starting off with a new game. Also: Wiki articles are often cryptic and have the potential to scare you off rather than to help – now that would be a real shame. So, what is it with this class-soul-role mumbo-jumbo in Rift? [/pullquote]

For all that Rift is described as being very, very similar to World of Warcraft, the Soul system is only similar if you imagine a WoW where you can have up to three classes all acting at the same time, so you could be a shadowpriest-DK-Paladin or something. Sound fun? It really is. But simple? It really isn’t.

Huge shout-outs to Syl for the guide – which certainly diminished my confusion a fair bit – and if you’re working on a guide to another aspect of Rift, please do let us know!

Particularly if it’s about Porticums, or whatever they’re called. I dig that they’re like heartstones, but what’s the whole map thing about? Can you use them to teleport? WTF?

Is Rift confusing you? Or do you fail to understand why everyone’s having their “whu?” moments?

_Quote taken directly from Raging Monkeys’ post.

Find Raging Monkeys’ homepage here.