How Funky Are Your Quest Rats?

The idea that MMO quests need a bit of a make-over because they’re all the same is a popular theme. You know, they’re all about killing X number of rats. If you’re lucky you’ll also need to collect Y number of juicy giblets from said rats*. Well, Ysharros says sometimes your bog standard rat-killing can actually be quite fun.

She’s highlighting the daily quests you get as Alliance in Twilight Highlands. Quite an interseting read for me as it is, given I’ve only seen the horde equivalents. It does sound like the Alliance got by far the better, more personable dailies here – favouritism! Kidding. But anyway, Ysharros says that she’s actually been enjoying doing them every day.

Before you accuse me of being a lush — which may well fit but isn’t the point under discussion — I’m just saying that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with killing 10 rats, or guzzling 10 beers. What’s bad is when 90% of what you do is literally going out and killing 10 foozles. Inject a little humour, make people’s screens go a bit squiffy for 10 minutes, and suddenly the 10 rats become a social occasion and not a chore.

It’s a funky way of putting it but Ysharros has a point here: it doesn’t matter if quests are all of the same type, it matters what the developers have done to flesh them out.  It feels like a blindingly obvious point but kudos to Ysharros for pointing it out – maybe it took getting drunk with dwarves to realise it. Heck, I had fun just reading Ysharros’ account of what the alliance get to do for these quests.

What do you think – not convinced, and MMO quests are all the same, or is Ysharros right and if the rat you’re killing has character doing so can turn into a social event?

_Quote taken directly from Ysharros’ post

You can find Ysharros’ Stylish Corpse homepage here_

*Quite why or how they have giblets, we’ll not speculate. If wolves can carry Tarnished Plate Legs, rats can have giblets.