Has The Shattering Failed To Rock Your World?

Shintar’s bored of WoW and she’s wondering if she’s the only one. More specifically, she’s not that keen on the Shattering. Looking back on it, she says she has a few problems with it but they can all be summarised as how the whole thing was delivered. I gotta say, I agree with her.

The first problem for Shintar was the fact that the Shattering didn’t come with extra character slots, just waiting to be filled with new alts ready to explore Azeroth 2.0. She’s got a point when she says that many long-term players have a full list of characters on their home server and deciding where to roll a new alt or who to delete is like being left between a rock and a hard place. Not to mention the fact that Cataclysm arrived before most of us had got through the content – Shintar says she felt like she had to go back to her main then.

But then… the actual expansion came out. … Ever since then I keep meaning to go back to my little funky-coloured troll, but every time I log onto her I immediately miss my friends and find myself thinking about how I’m “wasting” valuable time that could be used to progress my main through the current endgame before it reaches its 4.1 “expiration date”, and anyway, the new low-level content is going to be around for a while. It’s kind of sad really.

Shintar’s highlighting other reasons the Shattering didn’t fit, too. Mostly she’s wishing that Blizzard had dealt with the Shattering differently and I completely agree with her. Shame we can’t change it now. Shintar’s geninely wondering if she’s missed something here or if others feel the same – and I’m with her.

Are you the same boat getting the same sinking feeling she is – is the Shattering failing to float your boat? Or are you having a whale of a time?

_Quote taken directly from Shintar’s post

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