Constructive Criticism In Guilds

There’s been a bit of chatter in the blogosphere over the weekend about constructive criticism, and particularly in giving it in raiding guilds. I’m linky-ing all of the posts relating to it so far even though they each have a very different take on the matter, because all of them are extremely well written and from the heart. And in their own way, they all have a good point. I’d be interested to see anyone else take this topic up, too.

Anyway, without further ado…

  • Saying ALL the things that need to be said – Rhii’s post kicked the topic off. Her guild works by everyone being on an  even footing and being able to take constructive criticism, and handle themselves. But Rhii said something  … and then her guild leader quit. A good read, especially if you’re a raider and can compare your circumstances in-game to Rhii’s situation.
  • Constructive Criticism, what’s the problem? – Rhii’s post was a catalyst for Ophelle who’s is a bit shocked that many players seem to treat constructive criticism so gingerly that the gingerbread house must be missing its cooking facilities. Ophelle says constructive criticism = a Good thing. She’s also included a few guidelines for what is and isn’t constructive criticism.
  • Fixing The Problem Without Causing More – Analogue’s read Rhii’s post over the weekend and tells us how it helped her see different perspectives on situations in her own guild. She’s telling us how – and why she sorted the situation out – I’m impressed, sounds like it was  handled with much aplomb.

So what do you think – are constructive criticism and personal responsibility an infallible part of any progression raiding guild, are the wheels always bound to come off at some point?

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