Burnout: The Proof Is In The Comments

Burn out. That word’s bouncing backwards and forwards in the blogosphere like a grenade with a faulty fuse. You’re never quite sure when it’s going to go off, and if it does whether it’s going to be somewhere near you. The latest post about burnout, this time from Scott Andrews at WoW Insider, has got me a little worried.

The post itself is a pretty good guide for raid leaders who are feeling the burnout pinch. It’s helpful and above all, Scott’s being compassionate. He goes through a raiding guild master’s likely experience in WoW from the ICC marathon right up to now, with Cataclysm being so different. All through he points out that it can be a hell of an asking for one person to keep a whole guild motivated throughout the environment he describes.

The burnout isn’t the shameful part, and you should never be ashamed to admit those feelings. The shameful part is not handling it decently, by skulking away or by refusing to give up your position. If you must do something drastic to manage your burnout, then resign with dignity and give your guild a chance to succeed without you.

Scott goes on to advise on how to handle being burned out as a guild master. It’s at once comforting and hard advice any raiding GM needs to hear. All in all a good post.

But what’s really made me feature it is the comments. There are 124 comments so far. In that players are stating what’s wrong with Cata – not a small list – and over 75% of the commenters are people saying that they are a burned out GM, that their guild has crumbled in Cata, or both. Oftentimes one because of the other. That is an astonishing – and worrying – amount of guilds falling apart because of burnout. Already.

Or is it? Tell me. Is this normal for this stage of a WoW expansion, or is this amount of burnout unusual? Is WoW dying on its posterior?

_Quote taken directly from Scott’s post

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