Blogger Map Is Live

Quick announcement to let you know that the blogger map’s live and working. You can find it in the top navigation bar above the header – alternatively here’s a link straight to it.

Beneath the map you’ll find a few notes on how to use it and some ‘fun’ facts, like how many markers there are on the map at the mo, and where the most blogger-populated places are. For now though, the main things to know are that while the map might appear a little crowded at first, cursor over and scroll in with your mousewheel to get a more manageable zoom. Then you can click and drag around the map to your heart’s desire to see who’s from where.

I’ve ussd the pin markers because they’re the best of the default bunch. They’re a little big and there’s a slight issue of markers part-concealing each other – particularly in heavily populated areas. It’s possible to create custom google map markers – maybe something flatter, like a small dot or other shape that doesn’t “stick out” from the map would be good – but I don’t have the clever coding fu needed to do this. So to anyone who fancies making some custom markers: go right ahead and mail them to us using the contact form – you’d be a star. I won’t be able to respond about it immediately but will get to it. It’s not essential to have our own markers but it might make it look even just a bit more special!

For now though, enjoy. Let me know what you think – as always I’m happy to take ideas, suggestions and comments for improvements. Also if you’re not on the map and should be (or if you are and want your info changed) let me know in the comments or via email.

Happy March, guys :)