Are Shamans Too Complex?

Personally, I miss a lot of the complexity that has been taken out of WoW. I miss having to carry flint and tinder and simple wood for a campfire. I miss the cooking and fishing quests at Artisan level. I even kinda miss the “argh nooo there are 5 paladins in this raid and 4 of them all want to cast Kings” complexity of pre-Cata buffing.

Having said that, though, in a post-Cataclysm world, it would feel wierd to be the one class which still had to micromanage its buffs and carry around a personal spreadsheet. Rhii of Oh My Kurenai agrees – and she should know, because she is that class – the poor, be-totemed Shaman:

Paladin auras and buffs used to be the big source of frustration, and now that those are simplified, that leaves Shamans as the only class that has to carry a checklist to raids to figure out how best to buff the group. I do mean literally, I carry a checklist.

… And now that buffs are simpler for every other class, nobody wants to give us time to figure out how we can best help the group with our buffs, so half the time I go into fights knowing I might as well not drop them, because I didn’t have time to fix my arrangement. Even in my own guild I feel like that forty second pause to arrange myself is often given grudgingly.

I’d not thought about it, but reading through her post makes the point very clearly – in a post-simplicity world, Shamans are stuck back with the Simple Wood and the trek to find Nat Pagle.

This is the kind of detailed analysis that Blizzard really ought to read, and I’m sure that shamans will get some Blizz love (sounds wrong) at some point. In the meantime, remember, raid leaders and impatient tanks – post-Cata, your class might play as smoothly and effortlessly as eating Haagen-Daas, but by comparison Blizz have given your friendly shammie a raw artichoke and told them to get on with it. Give them some slack.

Do you think Shamans have gotten the short end of the totem this expansion? Or would you actually welcome a bit more complexity than “cast Might, noob”?

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