You’ve Got Less Power To Kick From LFD Groups. Discuss.

Polish your boot ‘cos it looks like you’re not going to be doing much else with it in random dungeon finder groups anymore. Blizzard announced some changes to the LFD kick facility the other day – Cryptic over at Blessing of the Grove has picked up on it and is taking a closer look.

I imagine Cryptic scratching his head as he wrote this post. It reads like he’s thinking out loud, trying to understand the changes. There are several changes to who can kick, when, and what the penalties for kicking someone will be, and in each case Cryptic’s going through and talking about whether he thinks it’s a good change.

Most of the changes are directed at guild groups and seemed designed to make it more difficult for them to remove another player who is placed with them in the dungeon finder. I have a problem with most of these changes mainly because Blizzard is trying to ‘fix’ player behavior by addressing the people around those players rather than addressing the problem directly. It feels like they are punishing players for queuing with others who have the same goals.

I agree with both his overall conclusion and quite a few of his assessments on individual changes. He illustrates the problems with the new rule about people who group with tank or healers being kicked from a group along with them particularly well. Personally I only kick randoms from a guild group if they’re acting like a right nitwibbler. Like Cryptic I’m feeling slightly persecuted for daring to run with a group of friends and, as Cryptic ponders, wondering what the extra penalties Blizzard have mentioned will be.

What do you think – are these dungeon finder tweaks counter-intuitive to the guild system or are they good protective measures that needed adding to the LFD tool?

_Quote taken directly from Cryptic’s post

You can find Cryptic’s Blessing of the Grove homepage here_