Wiping – Why It’s Like Marmite

My guild’s been merrily wiping on Cataclysm’s endgame content. Our bodyparts have got to know the walls, floor and sometimes ceilings pretty well by now – wiping’s almost muscle memory. I suspect you know the feeling whatever level you’re at, right? Well, Gnomeaggedon might as well have read my mind today about the whole wiping thing, as his post about the whole malarky made me smile.

In a nutshell? Gnomeaggedon thinks wiping’s great. But I’m guessing not everyone likes it. Bit like marmite.

Maybe not so much in a PuG, but certainly from within the safety of a guild or friend group.

It’s not something I have experienced in a while, appreciating a wipe, but Cataclysm has brought that back to the game.

Whether it’s in a raid due to inexperience, raid composition or even complete personal stuff up (admit it we all have them, that’s why the dance is so beautiful when we all move in step with no toes trodden).

Gnomeaggedon goes through all of the types of group content, from raids and dungeons to battlegrounds, and celebrates the wipes he’s experienced in each of them. And y’know, the way he writes it, it does sound like he’s having fun. I agree with him. It’s kind of fun to wipe in a group of friends or guildies. It’s as though the increased difficulty since Wrath has given us a much needed reality check and it’s possible to go “ohh wait, it’s a game, meant to be fun! Right!”

Though the concept of wiping in a PuG rather than a friend/guild group sticks out like a sore thumb from Gnomeaggedon’s post and that, too, is worth a look – could we learn to love PuG wipes or are they just too excruciating?

_Quote taken directly from Gnomeaggedon’s post

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