Where There’s A New Everquest Server There’s Champagne And Challenge

Quick note to highlight an even quick post from Tobold that caught my eye today. He’s inviting us to party like the last century. And, while we’re partying, enter into deep and meaningful conversation with him about how hard games are.

Why? What’s going on, I hear you cry.

Tobold’s got the gossip that a new Everquest ‘progression’ server has opened up today. Everquest was one of the forefathers of MMO gaming and a lot of gamers have fond memories of it. Heck, a lot of us have our roots there. So a new progression server opening up for it is worth shouting about to anyone who has fond memories or wants to see what it was all about if, like me, they missed the party at the time. If you want to know more about the server, check Tobold’s post – I’m not stealing his thunder. Don’t worry, it’s quite short!

Though news about the server isn’t all that’s on Tobold’s mind. He’s also quite openly inviting debate on the age-old “games are too hard/easy/facerollable” topic. He’s suggesting that, well, in his own words…

Having played EQ myself a decade ago, my personal guess is that none of these people could even make it to level 50 … let alone start raiding.

Quite a direct opinion, there. What do you think, whatever your gaming experience – is it worth talking about how difficult X MMO is, or do you know for a fact that they don’t make them like they used to?

_Briefest of brief quotes taken directly from Tobold’s post_

_You can find Tobold’s MMO Blog homepage here_