What Gender Characters Do You Play – And Why?

Porkchop’s asking whether you roll guy or girl toons to save the world in your chosen game. Anywhere else, that intro would get raised eyebrows and quizzical looks – but for gamers it makes sense. Porkchop’s focusing on the fact that many players don’t necessarily choose to make their characters the same gender as themselves – and Pork’s wondering why this is and whether it’s odd.

Some years back I remember reading a news article about a college student who took advantage of some desperate male MMOers by pretending to be a sexy lady MMOer on his sexy Nightelf female toon, flirting with them and getting them to shower him in gold and in-game items. The article said that this guy was doing it as a social experiment, but I wasn’t buying it.

I bet you’ve heard stories like this pop up from time to time. Not everyone who is  trans-tooned is rolling that way to take advantage of unwitting players. I know players on both sides of the gender fence who choose not to roll their own gender for various reasons.

Pork gives plenty of examples of people she’s known or heard from who play characters of the opposite gender, like her ex-girlfriend who played male toons. She says there are plenty of reasons folks might decide to do this and covers some of them, from the sensible to the aesthetic to the downright creepy. Really, the guy who dumped his girlfriend for the pixellated toon he modelled on the real life woman needs help.

Porkchop opens up a bigger can of worms than her post goes into. I’ve been left wondering about a deeper issue – while Porkchop’s just curious about the whole topic I’ve seen players have a problem with the concept that you’d roll a character of the opposite gender. Why is it a stigma? It’s another thing to look into, but meanwhile Porkchop wants your thoughts on whether or not you find any of the trans-gender trope strange. As someone with a range of male and female characters – for a variety of reasons – I’m watching this one with great interest.

So what’s your take on rolling characters of the opposite gender – are there good reasons for it, or is it too often used to negative effect? Does that contribute to the stigma around it – if indeed there is one? Lots of questions!

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