Rift’s Soul System: The Brainchild MMOs Should Adopt

Bootae says the answer to the MMO world’s stubborn, inflexible albeit traditional tank/healer/DPS trinity has been found. He says it’s Rift’s ‘soul’ system, and other MMOs should be looking to adopt something similar if they want to move forward.

Bootae starts out with an excellent explanation of how the soul system, which is Rift’s version of a talent system, works. He takes one of Rift’s classes as an example and goes through the various roles that class can assume using its talents. And its flexibility, Bootae says, is its beauty.

The holy trinity of tank/healer/DPS (or dirty quartet with support added) is still there, but it is now less of a ball ache when your guild tanks aren’t online.

We can do a sodding dungeon with 5 rogues! Uhm like woah?

Bootae explains that you can set up any class to perform in any role. Also, like in WoW with dual talent specification, you can switch between talent/soul setups to perform different tasks depending on what you need – and that he and his group did just that to tackle a few dungeons without swapping people out. I reckon Bootae’s pointed out something important today: here’s a system where you really can bring the player, not the class.

What do you think – should games use this system as baseline to give us more flexibility or is it too complicated, both to play and balance a complex world around?

_Quote taken directly from Bootae’s post

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