New Blogging Life In The Blogosphere

It’s about time we did a roundup of what’s going on in the blogosphere and generally took its pulse. Thing is, there’s movement going on aplenty in the blogosphere. A lot of bloggers are talking about the sudden spree of bloggers closing their blog’s doors and I’m feeling something between disheartening and restlessness riffing around the blogosphere as we say goodbye to them.

Ayup, we’ve lost a few good writers in the past few weeks. But it’s nearly Springtime, right? Lots of stuff’s going on – and it’s not all sad. There are still new resources popping up, new bloggers trying their hand at writing, and other blogs that’ve been going a while that we’re only just discovering. Not to mention some established blogs starting bright eyed and bush tailed new projects. Things like…

  • Sheep The Diamond – I’m impressed. Stubborn’s blog is new but he’s got a highly intellectual – and unusual way of writing. He addresses each post to his readers like a letter. His posts are deep but very readable from the one on freedom vs. lonliness in game to using the Johari Window to improve how we think about ourselves and others in WoW (Larisa has a great follow up on this applying it to guild teamwork).
  • Bigger Than Kologarn@DiscoPriest tipped me off on this great find. Crawford is our host over at BtK and while he doesn’t update as frequently as some his writing style is hilarious. From the lolnub, maniacal portrayal of Varian Wrynn (which is just right) talking about Vanessa VanCleef to Nefarius, now more mellowed than his younger, bloodier days and looking to meet nice lady dragons.
  • Return To Azeroth – Ross is giving us a looksee at what it’s like to keep coming back to WoW when the game won’t sit down and stop changing. He says his style is ranty and flippant but I say it’s very readable. Newly a father, Ross isn’t updating too much but I’m really hoping to see more – and that guild leader he describes in his latest post doesn’t half sound like a pain in the nitwibble!
  • Tusks&all – a shiny new blog with Paz at the helm. He’s very new to the blogging thing but quite enthusiastic and is aiming to get into his writing stride. While his main focus is his bear tank who’s fuzzily levelling his way through dungeons, Paz also does weekly updates of all things Azeroth. Good, energetic style – just ever-so-slightly NSFW. Go check him out and give him some encouragement!

New projects in the blogosphere

  • – ever wanted to know exactly what materials your crafted item is going to need? Even down to the nuts and bolts and smelted bars that go into each little cog and wheel? This site will tell you. It’s still in beta and Darth Solo’s working away on it but it’s already an impressive resource for all crafting professions. Kudos to Elkagorasa for originally pointing it out.
  • Gold making from scratchAlto was challenged by one of his readers to make gold on a character with nothing backing him up: no professions already on the character and no support from other character. Both Alto and Aliciana at her own blog over at Adventures In Warcraft have taken up the challenge and each of them say they’ll be blogging about how they get on making gold with nothing to support them. Looks like it might turn out to be a good resource for those new to making gold and might just be a good topic for a gold making carnival one day…