MMOs Would Be Better If…

Have you ever daydreamed about how you’d like games to be? Or how you think they should be? If so (and c’mon, I suspect most gamers have) you’re in good company. Nils has let his mind wander and written down the results in a curiously accessible daydream style post. So, Nils says, what if we removed Character Power Progression?

Well, he says, MMOs would get a lot better. He starts off with a few pointers for premises and builds up to saying that having to wait until your character is powerful enough to do things is a huge barrier to a game’s accessibility. Ideally, Nils says, a mixture of lesser and more powerful friends should be able to work on the same things together. I see what he’s getting at: whether or not they can slay dragons on a hunting trip, the less powerful party members can help out with scouting, cooking and being bait. Might be fewer volunteers for the last option.

While combat would still be important in such a game, it wouldn’t be what you ‘naturally do’ while playing the game. Exploring a cave with your guild, listening to sounds inside, picking fights, looting treasures and carry them home into your self-built castle to sell them for gold in the nearby town to pay for the next tower of the castle. This is the experience I have in mind.

It sounds like a good idea and there’s been a smattering of chat around the blogosphere recently about character power progression and its problems. I got the feeling looking at Nils’ post that a lot of it was heavily inspired by the best parts of other games *cough*Minecraft*cough* but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So what do you think – is how powerful you character is (or isn’t) a barrier to gameplay that should be removed, or do you have other daydreams of how games should be?

_Quote taken directly from Nils’ post

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