Is Healing Too Hard In Cataclysm?

Stop right there! Have you hugged your friendly local tree druid today? Or any other healer for that matter? Because Ceraphus over at Variant Avatar says that they might just need a hug.

One of Cataclysm’s biggest changes was to the way healers do their thing: it was made harder with more emphasis on them watching their mana bars like a hawk. Now, looking at how healing’s playing out as a chunk of the healers out there hit Heroics and raids, Ceraphus is wondering whether the new healing model is too hard. He points out that a lot of guilds are looking for healers, and it’s not just on his server. Heck, he says that some healers are turning to the dark DPS side or even quitting because healing’s just too frustrating these days.

Is Blizzard making raiding too hard on the healers, especially the normal mode or entry level raids?  Especially early fights where people are still not getting many epics to assist making the encounters easier?  Many think it is too difficult in its current implementation.  Though many healers I have talked have also said they like the idea of triage and making mana matter, but the pendulum from Lich King to Cataclysm swung too far on the difficulty side.

This might be a non-original topic but it’s a critical one. Ceraphus says there are increasing arguments between healers and other players in groups about who died and when. Sure, there always have been arguments but the arguments have taken on a vehement, defensive edge – I just wonder how much of it is explained by the healing model and how much is about us getting used to a new playstyle after Wrath. Either way Cereaphus’ actively asking the healing community – and anyone else who’s watched healers reacting to the new model – if they think it’s working.

So what do you think – is healing too hard? Are you dying, or having to let characters die, an awful lot more than you’re comfortable with? Or is it fun?

_Quote taken directly from Ceraphus’ post_

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