In Game Training For Tanks

So most of WoW’s cities have training dummies we can, y’know, train ourselves on. Melfina’s been thinking about how tanks could do with training situations rather than just a dummy to hit – and she’s come up with a whole training programme for tanks.

Melfina’s post comes from a recent stint of learning to tank as a druid. She doesn’t waste time telling us how well or awfully it’s gone but jumps straight into her idea, which takes tanks right from the basic levels of How To Tank, through intermediate levels, right to the more advanced stuff of aggro-happy DPS.

Intermediate Tank Training:

Similar setup, but now we include NPC DPS. You’d repeat trial 2, then do trial 3 twice, once with suggested crowd control and once where you chose the NPC DPS group and tell them what to cc. Again, all trials can be repeated, so you can really experiment with different group makeups and crowd control options.

I’m particularly impressed at how succinctly Melfina’s planned all of this, and thought about incentives and effects on experienced tanks. This is the best, no-nonsense tank training idea (albeit her brief example of the now-defunct defence stat on gear) I’ve seen yet – now all she needs is a snazzy tagline to go along with the training.

What do you think – have you got other ideas about how tanks should get their training or are dungeons/LFD a suitable training arena?

_Quote taken directly from Melfina’s post

You can find Melfina’s The WoW Noob homepage here_