How To Get Better Healing In Cataclysm

Last week we asked whether healing was too difficult in Cataclysm. Whether or not it is there are healers aplenty sprinkled across servers, forums and blogs who’re finding healing to be a Cataclysmic disaster. So it’s a good thing that Ttrinity’s written a post to help those healers, and I wish you folks all the best with it! Annnnd if you’re not a healer – pass it along to someone who is, you might be doing them a huge favour.

Ttrinity says she’s not qualified to write guides on this kind of thing but she makes up for that with a post that’s full to the brim of healer camaraderie and helpful advice.

We’ve all been there, hell we ARE there in Cataclysm. Wrestling with the mana demons; DPS standing in the bad; soft, unenchanted tanks; expensive fast heals and not much mana in our bank accounts which yield us OOM during a boss fight, helplessly standing there with purpley – grayed out spells, unable to case anything. This becomes especially painful right at 85 when stats magically weaken our heals and mana pools.  Healing at 85 is different. It is challenging. But it should not shoo you away, scurrying into only pursuing achievements, respecing out of heals or falling back to roll another alt.

Is her advice useful? Yes. Most of it’s practical advice, like things you might’ve forgotten about enchants. She’s got tips that’ll help you plant your feet firmly back on the ground, rather than getting upset when things go wrong. And to round it off, Ttrinity suggests some things that might take you out your comfort zone – but she’ll help you grow into a leaner, meaner healing machine if you take her advice.

Now it’s down to you. If you’re a healer, give her post a shot and let us know what you think of it. If you’re not a healer – do you think there’s anything you’d add to Ttrinity’s post from your role/perspective that’d help out a mana-deprived healer?

_Quote taken directly from Ttrinity’s post

You can find Ttrinity’s Healer Aggro homepage here_