Day In The Life Of A Top Gamer

Have you ever wondered what life’s like as a hardcore gamer? Or not even wondered, just looked at them as a kind of alien race, unsure whether you should come in peace or degrade and shoot them down for their lifestyle choices? This is exactly what Gordon’s asking over at WeFlySpitfires.

He cites Larisa’s recent post, who in turn is citing a “day in the life” post by a top WoW player, Kruf. Gordon’s trying to work out how he feels about hardcore gamers and their lifestyles, which looking at Kruf’s, involve splitting time between work and WoW and not much else. Admirably, Gordon’s not judging the guy though both he and most of his commenters are in agreement that it’s not a healthy lifestyle. But Gordon’s wondering whether it’s right to pity or applaud folks like Kruf.

The result for gamers is that this activity creates a real split persona. In the virtual realm, you have avatars that ooze power and strength and have accomplished things that some players can only dream of. In real life though, the player is often not a powerful or wealthy or influence person merely just a normal man or woman who has sacrificed a heck of a lot to be able to invest so much time online. The prize always has to be paid and it’s a real dichotomy.

It’s a topic we tend to skirt around as gamers, just in case we’re referring to ourselves too. But it’s fascinating, and worthy of more talk – Gordon’s already got a great debate going in the post’s comments. So now it’s your turn – pitch in here or over at Gordon’s blog. What are your thoughts on hardcore gamers and their lifestyles?

_Quote taken from Gordon’s post

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