Beru Calls For A Fond Farewell For Righteous Orbs

Shuffling the posting schedule round a bit today to squeeze in an emergency quick post. Y’see, there’s been some sad news over the weekend.

No, Tirion Fordring hasn’t been found dead in his holiday retreat (that would be more of a yay, anyway). Neither has Guild Wars 2 been cancelled (thankfully) nor WoW’s Love Is In The Air holiday event that started this weekend been buggy.

All right, maybe the last one has happened. But what else has happened is that Tamarind and Chas at Righteous Orbs have decided to close their doors and move on to other things. It’s a sad thing: they were a pillar of the community. I wasn’t going to dedicate a whole post to it, sad though it is – I’ve said my farewells to them and usually include blog closings in roundups. But it’s worth a post, especially when someone else in the blogosphere has posted in honour of the sad occasion.

I’m not going to harp on about it. I am going to prod you towards Beru’s post with either a pitchfork or a packet of cookies, whatever works for you. Beru’s post is in memory of their blog but most importantly, she’s asking you to remember one crucial thing: fun. And if you’re a blogger, she has a rallying call for all of us to help make this a special send off for the Righteous Brothers Orbs.

Go read, it applies to us all so long as we’re a gamer at heart, regardless of being a blog reader or a writer. GG, as the kids say, Beru – and safe travels Tam and Chas.