Nostalgia For Old MMOs

Yesterday I mentioned Tobold breaking the news that there’s a new server for the old game Everquest. Spinks has taken up the debate and says that actually, no. Even solid lumps of gold wouldn’t get her to play Everquest now. And maybe we should be wary of that nostalgia feeling while we’re on this old game track.

Spinks is against anyone dipping their toes into the waters of an old game reborn. She’s coming across a jot grumpy – I hope I don’t insult her here but I had visions of Granny Weatherwax while reading her post – but it’s understandable. She’s got some good points: Everquest’s developers are probably counting on people wanting to feel the magic they remember from playing first time.

I can only assume nostalgia … everything and everyone was new, and maybe to reclaim some of their forgotten youth, especially if other ex-players can also be cajoled into going back. You can’t actually go back to those times, people know now which the best classes are, what the best shortcuts are, and I wonder how many of them really do want to spend hours camping the same spawn of mobs to level. I suppose we’ll find out. SoE sensibly gave old players the first month for free, which explains part of the popularity.

And as Spinks insinuates, what better time to do it than when there’s all kinds of blue air being thrown around about MMO communities? She also points out that MMO veterans are fiercely loyal about their chosen game and there’s quite a range, so not everyone’s giddy about Everquest. But her closing advice is sensible – and forward looking. Personally I’m with her: let’s go play something new on the market, right?

What do you think – would you replay new versions of old games to try to get the magic you felt the first time round back, or is it better to move on to new things?

_Quote taken directly from Spinks’ post

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